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Best Corporate Gift Suppliers in Ghana 2022

Who are the best companies in Ghana that offer gift packages for your business partners and clients? This post is a list of corporate gift suppliers in Ghana to assist you in showing appreciation at your next milestone or celebration.

Many of them are also into traditional ceremonies, event decor, indoor and outdoor advertising, and corporate brand design and .

Corporate Gift Suppliers in Ghana

One way the famous Ghanaian hospitality is demonstrated is in how we give gifts to our special ones and guests. The following are some of Ghana's best gift companies who especially specialise in preparing gift packages for your corporate partners.

1. Platinum-platen Ltd

Platinum-platen Ltd 
 - Corporate Gift Suppliers in Ghana

Platinum-platen Ltd is a corporate gift supplier specializing in  Design, Concept Development, and Consumables, Print production, Souvenirs & More

Platinum-Platen Limited is a duly and legally registered limited liability company incorporated in Accra, in July 2006. Platinum-Platen Limited is an innovative design house with a team of professionals who have specialized in design, prints and advertising. We supply corporate gift items, consumables, promotional items, souvenirs and more.

They offer organizations the following tailored services; Digital Signs: LED signs, Car stickers, Pull up stand, Directional signs etc. Commercial Printing: Complimentary Cards, Brochures, Posters, Journals, Magazines, Dairies, Calendars, Christmas cards, Invitation cards etc… Brand Identity materials: Name tags, Electronic cards, Crests, Badges, etc. Promotional Items: Branded key rings, Uniforms, Pens, Mugs, Mouse pads, Baseball caps etc. Indoor and outdoor Signage: Large format digital printing, Vehicle branding, Wall branding, Outlet branding, and Market branding.

They also undertake embroidery designs and T-shirts, Polo, Caps and Uniforms. Get in touch with them here

2. Gh Perfumes Mall

GH Perfumes Mall - Luxury Perfumes, East Legon-Accra

Second on our list of corporate gift suppliers in Ghana is GH Perfumes Mall. They're Ghana's leading perfume wholesale store, where you can buy discounted perfumes from our vast range of 100% authentic and genuine fragrances and colognes.

Save up to 70% on all luxury designer scents. Their products include;

  1. Marien Luxury Perfumes
  2. Capriole Luxury Perfumes
  3. Lintense de Blue Luxury Perfumes
  4. FOGG Body Spray Without Gas
  5. FOGG Deodorant Roll On
  6. FOGG Scent
  7. Ossum Body Spray Without Gas
  8. Ossum Body Mist
  9. Ossum Fragrance Body Mist
  10. Hair Perfumes

Visit Our Online Store here and get in touch with them here

3. Boxnwrap – Gift Wrapping & Product Packaging

Gift wrapping and  packaging

Boxnwrap is one of Ghana's prime suppliers of luxury & quality gift wrapping and packaging products. In their own words, they are an “esteemed online store and emphasize trustworthiness, transparency and reliability”.

Their gift packaging and gift wrapping products cater to a wide variety of users that include but not limited to;

  1. Retailers
  2. Individuals
  3. Small businesses
  4. Corporate Clients
  5. Florists, Party Stores, gift stores, hamper makers and more!

4. 7Look


7Look is a full-service artisan gifting business specializing in gift design, wrapping & packaging of any gift item, and customized souvenirs for weddings, corporate events, client appreciation, and life's special occasions.

In their own words, “we save you our client the trouble of thinking of what to give to who for any celebration. We also provide souvenirs for any ceremony, thus pulling surprises on our celebrants on behalf of their loved ones. Such as birthdays, christenings, bridal showers, graduations, engagements and wedding ceremonies, just name it and we'll deliver.”

5. Heavearth Xpirience

Heavearth Xpirience

Our fifth corporate gift supplier is Heavearth Xpirience who are more heavily into balloon decor!

Quoting the words of Lady Prempeh, the manager of Heavearth Xpirience; “Thinking of the perfect gift to give to your loved one, for that special occasion, or just to say thank you? Have no worries. Talk to us Heavearth Xpirience and allow us to classically wow them with our bespoke gifts with your budget.”

And they particularly stress the “With your budget!” So now you know where to go for your gift services.

6. Blooming Details

Blooming Details - Gifts and packaging

All we can say about our sixth corporate gift company on the list is that Blooming Details is available for the detailed wrapping of your bride price for your special day (traditional marriage), and they are really good and professional at it. get in touch with Blooming Details here.

7. The Hamper Market

The Hamper Market

The best for last, The Hamper Market is a that makes hampers for every occasion including Christmas, Birthdays, Val's day, Mother's day, Father's Day and any other special occasion.

Their manager says “We curate lovely gifts for your loved one. Gifts that make them smile 🤗 as our slogan suggests  The Hamper Market – “the smile behind the gift”.

Get in touch with The Hamper Market here.


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