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About Us

This About page is a brief summary of our services. Thank you for taking interest in YellGh Business Directory, Also known as Yellow Pages Ghana.

Yellow Pages Ghana is the leading directory of businesses, companies, industries, service providers, traders, firms, startups, and business entities in Ghana

Yellow Pages Ghana offers you a complete digital marketing web service for your business, as against many old directory websites which are just a list of company contact numbers.

What Yellow Pages Ghana Offers you

The invaluable service offered by YellGh for Ghanaian businesses is search engine optimization (SEO). This means you add your business to your platform, then our team of skilled professionals would help you to scale your digital marketing by boosting your online visibility with our advanced SEO tools and techniques. 

1. Optimized Business Page

Get your own dedicated business page that ranks number one on Google, and in search queries. You can use this page to outrank even your biggest or established competitors and to control your appearance on the internet before you build your own website. For businesses without websites, your Yellow Pages Ghana directory page can be used as your primary online marketing tool to engage with your customers and potential clients.

2. Customer reviews and rating board

Your customers can write glowing reviews about your business which helps new customers to contact you in confidence knowing the quality of your service.

3. Direct messaging

Receive direct messages from visitors to your page right to your inbox. This helps you to increase your engagement rate and turn many more users into paying customers.

 4. Business Owner Dashboard

All business owners who sign up on Yellow Pages Ghana get their own dedicated dashboards from where they can control what’s going on on their pages. From your dashboard, you can edit your business details, add more businesses, or promote your business.

5. Realtime stats on your pageviews

Realtime and accurate Pageviews and traffic statistics for your Yellow Pages Ghana business page is available from your dashboard. This helps you to know and interpret how well your online marketing strategy is faring.


Benefits your business enjoy

  1. Enhanced online presence
  2.  A modern business page for your business
  3. Strong visibility in your city
  4. Increase sales by getting discovered easily
  5. Increase your brand awareness
  6. Boost your SEO
  7. Rank #1 on Google

About Packages

1. Basic Business

The big deal about the Basic Business listing package is that your page will rank number one on Google. We designed this to help small businesses to come online at the least cost.

Sign up now and type your business name into Google search after a couple of weeks, and you’ll start seeing your page taking over the first page. If you fill out all the submission form and add a long enough business description, you can easily get a Google fatured snippet like this one below seen on EnspireFX Websites search on Google;


About Yellow Pages Ghana
Google Featured Snippet for EnspireFX Websites

Businesses without websites will benefit immensely from the basic business package for GHS50/year.

Basic Business listing package offers you Normal Priority on the directory.

Advance Business

Add up to 3 businesses under the Advanced Business listing package for just GHS300/year. All your businesses will enjoy a featured priority in search pages on the directory, and they will be featured on our homepage.

This means you’ll get more phone calls and website visits since most of the thousands of users who visit Yellow Pages Ghana leave the site by contacting a business or visiting their website.

The click to call button on Advanced Business listing packages are particularly very busy buttons, and they get a lot of action. If you want more phone calls, then this package is exactly what will help you.

Premium Business

Add 5 businesses to Yellow Pages Ghana for just GHS500/year under the Premium Business listing package.

This package gives you a special SEO service for your business, a featured priority, and a featured blog post on Yellow Pages Ghana promoting your business.

Your business will also be featured in special listing posts like this one on top accounting and auditing firms in Ghana.