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A Simple Help Guide to Yellow Pages Ghana Business Directory

You can leave your competitors behind and take your business to the next level, and Ghana helps you to do just that.

There are other directory websites in Ghana, most of them are just a listing of company names and contact lists.

Features You Enjoy

But Yellow Pages Ghana was also built to help small businesses to have a strong online presence and visibility especially on Google, by offering you a complete webpage dedicated to your business, with the following features;

— Cover Image

This is your main banner image displayed across the header section of your page. It is also used when someone shares your profile anywhere

— Business logo

Your business' logo is prominently displayed on your profile to help brand and identify your page

— Photo Gallery

You can display some images in your Photo Gallery and help your visitors to see some of your products or services

— Business and Service description

The businmess direcrption section is where you get the chance to pitch to your potential clients and customers. You can introduce our business, your products, services, pricing packages, deals and offers.

Write basically any information to let your users know you more, and see why they should do business with you, and not the other business. Many businesses even add their history, vision, service mission, and corporate goals

— Contact details

The is where you help people to know all the ways they can contact your business. You can add your email address, your contact phone lines, your website address, and even your WhatsApp link. Please remember to add your complete link address in this section

— Location map

In this section, you can select your business location address, or enter it manually. Your address is used to filter businesses in the search system in location queries. This is how your business shows up when someone types your service offering within your location in the search bar.

— Social Media links

Here, you give your vivitors the opprotunity to connect with your social media profiles by clicking of your social media link buttons.

Pls remember to copy the entire address from your social media page, and not just the username

— Business Owner dashboard

Yellow Pages Ghana offers your your own business owner dashboard from where you can do management tasks like;

  • — Editing your page,
  • — Changing your account details
  • — Promoting your page
  • — Switching business listing package
  • — Adding more business listings

— Direct Messaging and Click-to-Call Button

Users can either click a button to give you a call or send you a direct message to your inbox via your dedicated contact form on your business page.
This helps you to connect with your visitors and increase your sales

— Customer Review and Rating system

Customer reviews on Yellow Pages Ghana will boost your reputation as a business and make a strong impression on potential clients, and people looking for your services or products.

What You Get by Adding Your Business

All the above information about your business will be publicly available on your .com Business Page.

Search Optimized

And it will be optimized by our team to rank Google. This is the real power of Yellow Pages Ghana, you get the power to control your visibility and reputation online.

Take a look at this example and also do a Google search for “EnspireFX Websites

This is unlike your social media pages, which feature details on Google which are out of your control.


Information on Yellow Pages Ghana is aggregated into business categories and locations.
This is the difference between Yellow Pages Ghana and your social media pages. Yellow Pages Ghana can show me all the clothing stores in Tema or all the Event Organizers in Kumasi

Google Featured Snippet

Your page on Yellow Pages can even get the much-coveted Google featured snippet which helps you to consolidate yourself as an established name online. The EnspireFX Websites example above has a Google featured snippet


All these benefits are available to your business for just GHC50 for a year.
We use this money to hire qualified staff and to improve our services with more helpful features.
We help small businesses, but we are also a small business, you help us when you add your business

Other Packages

We also have other packages that come with some more business service offers for bigger companies, like the ability to add more than one business or branch, or to be featured on the website, featured blog post and listing post, and more.


You can place a dedicated advertisement on Yellow Pages Ghana to get more phone calls and website or social media profile visits

Add Your Business

It's all online and very simple. Click on the link below to;
— Register
— Select your listing package
— Fill Business Submission form


Connect with Us

Find more details on our About page

IG: @YellowPagesGhana
FB: @YellowPagesGhana1
TW: @GhanaPages


Amanfrom: Iron City, Ga South, Accra


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