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The African Regent Hotel

The African Regent has gained recognition as the hotel of choice for both international travelers and savvy locals. Our tagline – Simply ‘Afropolitan’- African and cosmopolitan, gives you a sense of what we represent.
Understanding the strong link between business and tourism, the African Regent provides an atmosphere to experience Africa and its rich culture right here at the hotel, making it a tourism destination in itself.

Our luxurious rooms and suites are not only world-class standards, they are also tastefully designed with fabric, colors, and etchings of ‘Adinkra’ symbols that symbolize everything good there is about Africa.
The hotel’s restaurant – ‘Mukyia’, hosts the best African-themed Sunday brunch in the capital, prepared by our team of recognized chefs.

Located less than 5 minutes from the main airport, Accra polo club, the Accra Mall and the Tetteh Quarshie Art Market, the hotel provides every traveler into the city, be it for business or leisure, the opportunity to explore and experience Accra in the most convenient way possible.

We Have

  • 25 SUITES
  • 84 ROOMS

Rooms & Suites

  • Executive Suite
    2 GUESTS, 883 Ft²
    The definition of luxury
  • Penthouse Suite
    2 GUESTS, 926 Ft²
    Designed with ultimate luxury in mind
  • Executive Club Suite
    4 GUESTS, 1249 Ft²
    Your private space of luxury
  • Presidential Suite
    4 GUESTS, 1270 Ft²
    A union of African and boutique styles
  • Afropolitan Suite
    2 GUESTS, 592 Ft²
    Designed to help you tell a complete love story
  • Executive Room
    2 GUESTS, 484 Ft²
    A true reflection of contemporary luxury
  • Junior Suite
    2 GUESTS, 409 Ft²
    Enjoy the suite life


  • Club Twin Room
  • Standard Room and Many more....

Address: 237/238 Airport West, Accra, Ghana

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

+233 302 765 180 -2
+233 268 265 387
+233 289 922 225


The African Regent Hotel

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