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Carok Global Company Limited is a Ghanaian-based registered company whose core business is in the field of engineering and safety; this gives us the optimal understanding of Personal Protective Equipment needs of industries.

The vision of Carok Global Company Limited seeks to support and solve all health and safety needs of our clients.

Carok Global Company Limited has a well-experienced directorate whose years of field experience in the provision of health and safety for light and heavy industries and also in the engineering fields equips them to solve most or all HSE-related needs. The following are some basic Personal Protective Equipment available in stock:

  1. Helmet
  2. Safety Boots
  3. Reflective Vests
  4. Coveralls
  5. Hand gloves
  6. Nose/Face masks
  7. Ear muffs/plugs
  8. Safety glasses/Goggles
  9. Caution tapes
  10. Harness

Services and supply required by your organization in the above-mentioned areas will be treated with a high level of urgency and professionalism. Attached to this mail is our brochure which further throws more light on the activities, mission, and vision of our company. You can also contact us on 0246414328 or 0550059773.

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