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We are GH Perfumes Mall - Luxury Perfumes, East Legon-Accra. GH Perfumes Mall Is Ghana’s leading and most reputable online & Offline perfume store, where you can buy discounted perfumes from our vast range of 100% authentic and genuine fragrances and colognes.

When buying from us you can save up to 70% on all luxury designer scents. We truly have established a genuine passion for delighting customers by providing them with the best quality service standards and our proficient knowledge of different types of scents.

These qualities have set us apart and made us the leaders, putting us at the top of Ghana’s #1 perfume distributor. Our dedicated customer representatives are always ready to help you.

GH Perfumes Mall currently enjoys an elite clientele in Ghana, with its exclusive products for customers, who value personalized products. It provides the rarity of custom-made perfumes for royal family members, VIP individuals, leading business families – not just in the Republic of Ghana but throughout Africa & Middle East.

Our vision is to create daring, decadent, and distinctive fragrances. We select only the finest oils and resins from around the world. We work with some of the world’s most talented perfumers to construct exquisite and distinctive scents. And we prepare our perfumes to an indulgent 25-30% concentration - intensity is signature to our scents.

Our Products;

  1. Marien Luxury Perfumes
  2. Capriole Luxury Perfumes
  3. Lintense de Blue Luxury Perfumes
  4. FOGG Body Spray Without Gas
  5. FOGG Deodorant Roll On
  6. FOGG Scent
  7. Ossum Body Spray Without Gas
  8. Ossum Body Mist
  9. Ossum Fragrance Body Mist
  10. Hair Perfumes

Visit Our Online Store

GH Perfumes Mall website is extremely user-friendly. People can avail their services following simple and quick steps. They offer 6 hours of guaranteed delivery of orders placed before 12 pm every day. The website is completely safe for online payments. It offers high security for all kinds of online payments. They offer payment methods of mobile money, card payment, and more. The authenticity of their product is what has made them one of the biggest names in the perfume business in the country.

GH Perfumes Mall
GH Perfumes Mall is an exclusive Master Distributor of Niche Perfumes in Africa with a showroom & head Office in Ghana and Business Development Office in Dubai – UAE
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Gh Perfumes Mall


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    • Avatar of PATRICK MENSAH
      18 April 2021 at 12:30 pm

      GH Perfumes Mall is undeniably the best place to get Premium quality perfumes. Their prices seemed a bit higher for me at first until I got hold of my first order which was LE-Grand by Marien.

      Fir 7 days , I still have this perfume in my cloth .

    • Avatar of King Corey
      King Corey
      19 April 2021 at 3:55 am

      GH Perfumes Mall is best of the best when it’s comes to quality perfumes.

      Don’t waste your money on any perfume shop in Ghana.

      For.Top Quality And Luxury Niche Perfumes , go to GH Perfumes Mall at East Legon.

    • Avatar of PNB GOLD TRADING
      21 April 2021 at 6:24 am

      Our Office bought this love gift set for our boss. and we are glad we did. amazing quality product only at GH Perfumes Mall .
      Very Luxury Showroom Ambiance and products are superb, im not sure there is any competitor when its comes to quality perfumes in ghana.

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